Now you can edit an existing service or create a new service, set the duration of time you would like to charge for, your currency and then set your charges for your services. Your customers will be able to pay securely using PayPal INSIDE your booking page!


  1. You must have a PayPal Business account in order to accept payments
  2. We do not take any fees or any responsibility for your transactions - this is strictly done via PayPal
  3. All refunds and credits happen outside of Cogsworth  - directly in your PayPal account

Tutorial below 👇

EDIT 1: Around 1 min - only one toggle is indicated - now there are two - a second toggle to enable PayPal - otherwise the service requires cash on arrival

EDIT 2: In every appointment that is booked with PayPal - if you go to Appointments > Find your appointment and click on it > you will find a link to the PayPal transaction

EDIT 3: We have improved a lot of the look with the PayPal flows

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